Junya Watanabe Man, is designed by Rei Kawakubo an unbelievable designer from Japan, who really dose know his stuff.

Every season Junya Watanabe come out some of the best quality garments on the market hitting the nail on the head with style and quality.  This year they are carrying this on with the very popular workwear inspired garments by team up with the french workwear company Hervier, who are experts in the workwear game.  What they have come up with is a herringbone work jacket made from 100% herringbone.  Like always with Junya Watanabe you get the classic detailing comprising of 4 front pockets one button, open and 2 Welt with a contrasting red stitching. Not only that but you get contesting cotton elbow pads, chest pocket at shoulder york. When you think that it you get a full paisley lining what we really cant get enough of at The Stockroom.

You can pick this unreal jacket from the guys down at The Goodhood store.



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