Over the past few seasons there has been a quick growing trend with Japanese  clothing, what is finally making  its was to the shores of the Uk. One of the original leading brand in the of the Japanese clothing has been WTAPS. The Brand was first established  in 1996 by  Tetsu Nishiyama who is a leading name in street wear design. He takes the influences of American military/work wear what you can always find running thought the WTAPS collation. WTAPS really started to become noticed after they collaborated with some of the most well renowned street wear brand such as Stussy, A Bathing Ape and Supreme.  the s/s14 collection is just starting to come through as we speak. Here are just a few of our favourite picks that have come through to End clothing. 19-05-2014_wtaps_junglelsshirt_dpmdesert_1xxx19-05-2014_wtaps_junglelsshirt_dpmdesert_4xx  20-05-2014_wtaps_utilitychambrayshirt_ls_indigo_120-05-2014_wtaps_iantee_blue20-05-2014_wtaps_tradseersuckershirt_ls_stripe_120-05-2014_wtaps_tradseersuckershirt_ls_stripe_320-05-2014_wtaps_heraldrytee_black_120-05-2014_wtaps_heraldrytee_black_319-05-2014_wtaps_hellweeksweater_navy