Yesterday we came back from crepe city 9 and it was pretty live, so much variety all in one space I wouldn’t really call it anything other than “sneaker heaven”. The queues were beyond massive but as soon as we got inside music was flowing so many people, it was almost a party atmosphere, as well as that a bar & small kitchen serving “tower block burgers” that were unreal , big ups to whoever made them!

Getting back to the point, everyone was scouring for something whether they were selling/buying/swapping, the stalls were jammed with people looking and trying on trainers & garms, I was personally looking for some ‘New Balance x Norse Projects 1500’ but I came back with the 2011 ‘Air trainer huaraches – water pack’ as soon as I saw them I knew they had to be purchased.

It was overall a pretty hard event looking forward to the next one, big up crepe city for hosting London’s premium sneaker event.

Here’s a few pictures to show you how the scale of how big the queue was & a few heads at Liverpool st station with that Bape attire, also a illustration piece by a very talented man named David Blake, who runs a company named “HEKstyle” that does custom trainers and other art pieces which are quite solid, you should check out on the link below…

Franco Federico