Norse Projects Raw Denim Washing Guide

It is often a beautiful thing when an article of clothing can reveal characteristics of being thoroughly worn. A leather wallet or waxed jacket used constantly through the seasons has the ability to transform into an exposé on the wearer.

Norse Projects raw denim is centered on this notion. Each pair will grow and develop as it is worn; fades, distressing and tears are all part of the process. Rich indigo tones will turn to whiskered nuances over the lifetime of your denim, creating a natural canvas of wear.

Washing Instructions
(For sanforized raw denim)

1. Wear for as long as possible without washing
2. Fill bathtub with cold water
3. Add “Black-Care” detergent such as Woolite Black if you wish to achieve a higher-contrast fade.
3. Rinse jeans for 45 minutes and agitate occasionally
4. Lay flat on towel, and roll tightly
5. Hang dry
6. Wear for as long as possible without washing (again)

*The results of each wash process will vary from pair to pair, from wearer to wearer. The pair below reflects approximately 6 months of daily wear.